I swear the dentist’s are nice people…

There are times I have a lot on my plate being a small business owner. Some days it can all feel overwhelming.

Today is not one of those days. Today I am grateful.

I am not good at the dentist. Don’t get me wrong, they are sincerely some of the nicest people I have ever met. However, with almost every tooth in my mouth having had some “special” attention from them & my tendency for Novocain to fail me, I have major anxiety when I comes to our little visits.

Today I am getting a root canal & crown taken care of. This tooth already had a filling & broke last week, so it must be done. The bright side, I plan on trying to mentally design my entire fall release for Every Bit of Sunshine with Ed Sheeran’s newest album blaring  in my ears while they work. Stick a wedge in my mouth & tap me when its done….. or so I hope lol.

I get to take my son to his first dentist appointment in a few weeks & I’m really trying to make him excited. I have never wanted to project my fears onto him (unless it’s creepy crawlies in the house) but this one is a struggle for me. We are taking him to a children’s dentist & I hope that makes it fun. I actually considered asking if they accept adult’s lol. Considering I have another crown & 3 large fillings after today’s trip.

Wish me luck, the Novocain to work & the power of Ed Sheeran to be enough….
Written by Heather Ashley 

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