The Road I Was Meant To Build

Here’s the thing…as a creative person I burn bright when I’m inspired. My fingers can’t keep up with everything my brain is designing.

There are weeks & months that I don’t stop. Whether it is creating new pieces, adding new limbs to Every Bit of Sunshine’s tree by branching out (yes I’m that corny, says the Midwest girl) with new charitable options & starting our Creatively Honest blog.

Then I get burnt out. It seems like with the creative process it ebbs & flows. I’m trying to figure out if it is better to push through when I am not inspired, or let myself focus on something else in my life until I can come back with fresh eyes & drive.

I never have this problem with things like making orders for pieces I already have in my shop. It’s just when I am in the designing stage. It can be a couple of days or a couple of weeks, up to a month before I am fired up to get going again. I am wondering how normal this is in other types of creative businesses.

With a photography studio, you have a steady amount of clients booking & your creativity is always being tested. Not only to keep your portfolio from looking too similar by using the same props all the time but also for the benefit of your clients. Same with other types of creative small businesses.

As small business owners, we are in a unique position that we are asked to be everything at all times.

We are the office managers, customer service managers, the designers, the makers, we keep the lights on & everything pretty. We keep up with our social media to make sure people know that we care. Then we sit & dream, expand our visions for our business & the direction that we want to go.

I can be watching Rescue Bots with my 3.5 yr old son & not listening anything that is going on because I am in a different world. I am going through decisions at high warp speed, like “do I add tags to my clothing?” “do we want to do a seasonal release for new pieces or just as we create them?” “do I change the inserts for my packaging, & who do I want to print them?”. I go over yarn options, graphic design changes, how to expand the ways to give back through charity options for NICU babies. Just so much.

My husband’s eyes glaze over about 3 minutes into these discussions if I need to think out loud lol. Though if he knows that I am actually looking for an opinion he has great advice!

All in all the pressure to not steer your business wrong & stay true to yourself can be too much sometimes.

We work those crazy hours that you are all familiar with, where you don’t realize you’re burnt out until you can’t think straight.

Then we go home & take care of our families. Clean up the house, do all the errands & shopping. Cuddle kids & the little details that all add up to being everything to everyone. We answer work emails while we watch our favorite shows with the husband because we can & we will forget if we don’t.

I am trying to find a balance, because although it is all getting done, I swear I will end up forgetting the big picture.

I wonder, is this how empire’s are built? Do we power through these crazy times until we are able to delegate to employees? I look at women that run worldwide empires, you know them by name & they are the BIG kahuna’s in our community. I wonder if they still run their days like there is 36 hours not 24 or if they have figured out a balance. If you are one of these women & reading this, please write me & tell me how you do it!

As I sit at the end of a long day writing this, I take a deep breath & realize how tired I am now that I have stopped moving. But more so, how incredibly grateful. There is such freedom in being able to dream up where you are going in your business. There are times where it feels overwhelming, but such a blessing too.

This is the road I was meant to build. I do not have the answers for balance right now, but that is ok. We do not need answers to dream.

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