It’s never too late to learn something

Some of my favorite childhood memories isn’t remembering exactly what was said or one specific place &  time.

When my Mom, Dad, younger sister & I got into our van to drive from one location to the next it was not uncommon for it to be a 20 hour drive or longer.

My sister was always reading or sleeping. I would sleep, listen to music, journal & read poetry.

When my Mom needed to take a break from driving I would sit in the passenger’s seat, than my Dad & I would talk.

We’d talk for hours & he would share some of his favorite music with me. He told me his fear of being drafted at the time that ” Carry On My Wayward Son” first came out & how he connected with it.  I still picture him as a young man every time I hear that song on the radio.

He would tell me about his life, my grandparents childhoods & mine. He would teach me about right & wrong. About the books that he’s read that show how to better yourself through self-awareness.

We talked about spirituality. In a big way, it is how I learned so much about the world, human kind & empathy.

He taught me to think for myself but listen to others too, you never know when you might learn something. We’d bring up random topics & he would share his opinions & ask mine.

I can first remember these long talks on drives to Cedar Rapids around 9 years old & it was up till we stopped traveling right before I turned 18.

Kind of ironic how the older I got the more I thought I knew & less I needed to learn. After we stopped traveling the one on one time was farther & fewer between. Even though I was a 18-20 year old who knew it all, it is probably when I could’ve used an open mind & these long drives the most.

Now I am 30, life passes by so fast & time is just not there with all of the obligations of day-to-day. I daydream about those long drives, hold these memories close & practice keeping them “active” for fear that decades will make me forget.

Now that I am sure that I don’t know it all lol, the lesson is listen, it’s never too late to learn something.

One thought on “It’s never too late to learn something”

  1. Sunshine, those times are cherished memories to me, too. It was truly quality time together, without most of the interruptions of today. I’m glad you got so much from our talks; I know it was when I felt that I got to know you better, too.

    I’m always here for you now, to make new memories. Love you alway, Dad


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