Find Your Lessons Where You Can Get Them

Tonight, I had to go through the always dreaded task of backing up my phone & pulling important things off of it due to it malfunctioning. Seriously folks, I hate this part. I am the kinda girl who will fill up a 32gb external card & her phone memory on the regular.

As I was going through all the old text messages looking for pictures I might have not saved, (don’t want to miss any of the kiddo’s adventures with his grandparents!) I forgot just how much happened in the last year, both good & bad.

I realized that so much of what would get me riled up at the time, doesn’t matter at all now. It really wasn’t important in the long run. I wish I could just go back to some of those times where I really wasn’t happy or thought that I was defending someone I cared about & tell myself to just move on & let it go. That in a short time I won’t even remember it.

I also saw that as an adult, shit hits the fan a lot. If it isn’t something with the house, it’s something with your health, the car, the business, or some new challenge with parenting. It really never ends. It can be easy to get discouraged when you feel like you have everything sorted out than later that day something else completely random happens to deal with.

But you know what….that is what we as responsible, caffeine hyped adults do, handle it & move on. It may not be fun, or it may really not be that big of a deal. But unless you want to back burner it, you have to do something about it. I have been better at just accepting all the changes, going “meh” & doing it. My procrastinating is lessening slightly (unless it is the amount of time it takes me to get out of bed in the morning lol). There is so much positivity I could focus on instead just what is going wrong or challenging me.

I am proud to say that over the last year, my relationships with those I love have only gotten better. I communicate better with them & them with me. I am doing a hell of a lot better at stepping back, taking a breather, thinking about the outcome I want & than reacting.

I didn’t think that sorting through my phone would actually help me, like a long forgotten journal, but I’ll take my lessons where I can get them. And this time I am actually grateful for one of those dreaded, bad news tasks.

2 thoughts on “Find Your Lessons Where You Can Get Them”

  1. So much goes on in a years’ time, let alone a months’. Especially whenever your child changes almost daily ! We as adults change too, and that can be an eye opener.


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