“I Told You So” …Says Every Parent Ever

So, I have come to the realization tonight, not one that I am even sure I want to write down because it is not reassuring or flattering.

I have realized that no matter what I do, I am going to mess my kid up. Or I should say, my kid will mess up.

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I’ll buy you a doughnut

Parenting is a journey, lets share it!

Every once in a while you find out someone doesn’t like your child.  At first like any mama bear I saw red & was indignant.

He gets a lot of love, attention & never wants for toys. He also knows that if he cries or complains for something he doesn’t get it at all. He also has to use manners all of the time. He is 3 years old & he has his up’s & down’s but he’s a good kid.

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