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Hi there! Thanks for visiting me, grab a cup of coffee, get comfy & let’s get to know each other!

I’m Heather, founder, creator & designer of Every Bit of Sunshine. I started making newborn props from an absolute love of newborns & newborn photography. I was gifted my first digital camera 15 years ago (when 5 megapixels were a big deal!) and quickly became obsessed with everything from portrait to landscapes. Throw the ability to edit in there and I couldn’t learn fast enough.

At the time my parents, younger sister & I were still traveling North America full time for my Dad’s job, so I had no shortage of inspiring locations to shoot. Looking back, I miss it greatly & want to give it a go with today’s DSLR ha-ha. When I was 18 we stopped traveling & I moved my photography to newborn sessions & senior’s primarily. It always remained a semi paid hobby & I eventually loved the editing more. The ability to turn a dream into a visual reality is addictive & so rewarding. Even today it remains one of my favorite creative outlets.

Fast forward to the last 6 years and I’m married to a wonderful country man who will be up a tree so fast you’d think he vanished (usually if I’ve mentioned dishes or yarn shopping). And any one who knows me will tell you I’m not one to get my feet dirty. So we make a happy balanced home!

In 2013 we welcomed our son EB, after 3 months of bedrest the little stinker arrived on his own on his due date. After a short but not short enough stay in the NICU we started a wonderful journey as parents. Every day since I get a touch more accustomed to the tiny loving tornado that is a 3 year old boy. Nothing will make my day quicker than being his Mom…..or make me shake my head faster and think “did I REALLY just have to say that?”.

Add in a cuddly male cat that is so big visitors stare, a male dog that is probably not thrilled we have a 3 year old and you have little ole me who gravitates to anything pink, mint, delicate & feminine like it’s a lifeline!

I started crocheting & knitting out of fascination, looking for a new hobby/challenge. I had always adored newborn props as a photographer & when I started making my own I was hooked.

Over the last year I have really started to find my voice. Maybe it was turning 30 & the small life crisis that came with that lol. Maybe it was just realizing life is too short to be anyone else. I hope to share my life with you & can’t wait to learn about you too!



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Heather’s image taken by the beautifully talented Charlene Rose Photography

Gorgeous photography in Every Bit of Sunshine’s image taken by ~ Belly Beautiful Portraits & Mary Kriss Photography