When You Let Yourself Dream

I spent my entire childhood traveling with my family. In 10 years, we saw most of Canada & all of the states except Alaska & Hawaii.

My Dad’s work required him to travel & my parents decided it was going to be a family adventure. My younger sister & I were homeschooled, we drove from place to place in our family van & lived out of hotel rooms.

We kept our house in Nebraska as a home base that we saw every 6 weeks or so.

It was really unique & I loved it. We stopped the summer I turned 18, we were all just ready for a change.

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The Road Less Traveled

I am getting ready to start the journey of homeschooling my son this fall with preschool. I get a lot of questions about why I would choose this right off the bat instead of giving public school a chance first.

People have a lot of curiosity about this when I mention it. I am reminded that it is still a bit of the road less travelled.

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A Man Who Really Lived

Do you ever have one of those life experiences that shakes something deep in you? Almost like a wake up call but you’re not sure of the outcome yet. What this change will bring.  It’s just an ember, an idea that is growing. It will flourish if it is nurtured.

This happened to me last night. I was at the wake of a dear man & family friend. He had been friends with my Dad for 39 years, much longer then I’d been alive. To give you an idea of his personality, it was dynamic. Bigger then his body.  Like someone else said, he had a way of making you feel like the most important person in the room while you were talking to him. What is amazing to me, he was that way with everyone & it was so sincere.

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How Else Do We Grow?

As a small business owner & the sole creator I can find hurdles that I now know to expect, but took me my surprise at first.
I start my new projects with a feeling, then with a lot of random brainstorming I come up with the end goal. Sometimes the goal seems entirely too big for one person to achieve. Does this mean we need to dream realistically or just delegate?

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I Am Convinced There Is More

I am convinced there is more. More than we are commonly taught to believe that will be the recipe for happiness.

I have been on this journey, searching for something I cannot name or put my finger on, for at least 15 years. It is the gut feeling that eludes me when I feel I am getting close.
I have to ask myself, am I going about this all wrong? Am I making this way more complicated than it needs to be?

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With A Heart For Any Fate…

I love this quote, it is a beautiful reminder that every day is new & to embrace the opportunities as they come.

 In our home our day can change course hour to hour, even if it’s planned. Just the nature of owning a trucking company.  I’ve learned I’m happiest when I go with the flow. 

  This was a special quote that my Father-in law heard his Father say every morning to wake up all the kids. We have it hanging in our home as well. Julia owner of Something French created this gorgeous handwritten design for us 💗

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