Choose Life, Even When It Is Hard

I just read that September is National Suicide Prevention Month. That combined with some recent song releases like Kesha’s “Praying” & a couple others, it has me thinking of some of my personal battles & growth.

In the past, I haven’t talked much about this part of my life. Mostly because I didn’t want to appear flawed, feel less than or embarrassed. I felt the need to look perfect to others.

Over the last couple years, I have slowly been more comfortable being vulnerable & open about even the things I am not proud of. I am not who I was 10 years ago, I have learned from it though. If this can help anyone give suicide a second thought than I don’t mind being an open book. Continue reading “Choose Life, Even When It Is Hard”

Where Advice Goes To Die

I used to think that people would change, even when they weren’t really in the place to want to.

That when they came to me for help, if I just said the right things, listened harder, was there anytime they needed me…I could help them learn from what I already had to learn the hard way.

That my help would inspire them take a different journey to a happier life.

Continue reading “Where Advice Goes To Die”