Find Your Lessons Where You Can Get Them

Tonight, I had to go through the always dreaded task of backing up my phone & pulling important things off of it due to it malfunctioning. Seriously folks, I hate this part. I am the kinda girl who will fill up a 32gb external card & her phone memory on the regular.

As I was going through all the old text messages looking for pictures I might have not saved, (don’t want to miss any of the kiddo’s adventures with his grandparents!) I forgot just how much happened in the last year, both good & bad.

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Where Advice Goes To Die

I used to think that people would change, even when they weren’t really in the place to want to.

That when they came to me for help, if I just┬ásaid the right things, listened harder, was there anytime they needed me…I could help them learn from what I already had to learn the hard way.

That my help would inspire them take a different journey to a happier life.

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